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Totnes is well known for being ‘alternative’, a term that has positive and negative connotations depending on your interpretation.

Either way, it’s certainly ‘different’ to most other UK towns, however near or far they may be from this pretty little pocket of South Devon.

While some Totnesians might live up to the stereotype, with ‘alternative’ ways of thinking and doing things, others are taking this one step further, by inspiring change at the heart of society.

It’s this emerging breed of change makers that are pioneering new approaches to how we live our lives, from the food we eat to the way our children are taught in schools.

For the April issue of Devon Life, Alex Green interviewed some of those making a positive difference to people and the planet. Find out more about them via the links below:

After reading the article, listen to the podcasts to hear more, created by Dave Clarke, from I am the how:

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More Totnes change makers/ New Generation Thinkers:

A surprising number of changemakers are based here in Totnes. They include nutritionist Anna Thompson of Nourishing Families who pitched her idea to the Local Economic Forum (LEF) at the same time as The Apricot Centre (see the article below). Anna is a contributor to Thoughtbox Education’s curriculum for Environmental Engagement (also referred to in the article), as do the owners of the first zero waste shop in the UK, Richard and Nicola Eckersley of Earth Food Love on Totnes High Street. Exploring the topic of Cultural Identities is Saif Ali of Integr8 UK, who is seeking to change the narrative around refugees in the UK, while Dinah Gibbons who established the first BodyKind Festival in Totnes, is working to empower people to feel more comfortable in the skin they’re living in. 
These leading lights, referred to as NGTs, New Generation Thinkers, are all involved in the Thoughtbox Changemakers group, which connects young people with inspiring changemakers around the world through its network of schools.